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there, it's their right to go out there and make that happen. we want to make sure that walmart respects their workers. >> reporter: it's not clear how many actual walmart workers walked off their jobs. most of the picketers are not employees. but greg fletcher says he can't be silent. he is struggling on $10.70 an hour. >> unfortunately, for my family, my wife and my two children, we have no benefits from the company. simply couldn't afford them. if we were to purchase them, we couldn't afford to have a roof over our heads. >> reporter: at walmart headquarters in arkansas, the company said they have had the best black friday sales and that the number of picketers is small. the protest group says a company spokesman doesn't speak for the 1.3 million walmart associates. well, the few walmart employees that i spoke to here in san leandro tell me they just want a voice with walmart management. they want them to treat those complaints seriously. >> i'm sure they would like a
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discussion that hasn't happened yet. it doesn't appear. >> thank you. now to the black friday you're more used to seeing long lines of shoppers. they waited hours for the midnight opening of best buy in santana row in san jose. as soon as workers gave the green light customers poured inside searching for bargains. >> to be able to get a good deal on this, it's worth standing in line for it. >> so what do customers have their eyes on? a lot of said the same thing no surprise here, tvs. things died down by the time we got to target in colma just after midnight. that's because the store opened at 9:00 last night. target even offered a second round of deals that started at 4 a.m. of the. >> we have investigated if we could get the same price all year and usually black friday
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is it. >> this is the first time target opened that early on a black friday. lines of cars tied up traffic in livermore. bargain hunters waited to get to the paragon outlet as cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us. >> reporter: it's the day of deals. >> i got some sweaters and i got scarves and i got a lot of shirts. >> christmas shopping already. >> reporter: do you feel like it was a successful day? >> absolutely. saved over $200. >> reporter: holiday shopping is in full swing and some bargain seekers at the paragon outlet mall traded last night's thanksgiving dessert for discounts. >> you save once a year. you don't save a lot this year especially on a hard budget. so you know, you got to come out and shop. it's just you might as well do it. it's once a year. >> reporter: the outlet opened at 10 p.m. last night. assistant general manager dave ackerman says it was a zoo of people. >> people were just so excited to be here. we saw so many people here right from opening at 10:00 really into 2, 3 a.m.
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>> reporter: but as daylight hit the first round of shoppers took a break and things slowed down a bit. >> i was expecting a lot of traffic and if you look outside, they have a few cars parked in overflow but the parking is kind of empty. you see a lot of spots. not many people here. >> reporter: even at 10:00 a.m. on a typical black friday you would expect a flood of shoppers but it looked like they took a breathing. stores changed discounts throughout the day as a way to entice them to stick around. but for the shoppers we spoke to, sticking around wasn't a problem. >> this is our fourth shopping store so we're going. this is the beginning of our day. >> reporter: since its grand opening two weeks ago store leaders say they have seen a steady stream of shoppers and now that the holiday is here they don't expect it to slow down soon. in livermore, cate caugiran, cbs 5. a major retailer is part of black friday sales. j.c. penney is having its first and only sale of the year.
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cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts in san jose tonight. julie. >> reporter: first it got rid of sales altogether now it's bucking the black friday trend and didn't open on thanksgiving they are not offering door buster deals but they are in the middle of their one and only sale of the year. they say it's proof that customers want the sales. if you post them, they will come. sales signs something j.c. penney customers haven't seen in a while and this black friday they say it's what brought them back. do you think that without the big sale you would have come in today? >> that's debatable. >> i come less now than i did before. >> reporter: early this year, j.c. penney ditched its nearly 600 sales in favor of everyday low prices. but even when it dropped those prices by 40%, 10% of their customers dropped j.c. penney. >> things are not on sale so there's no real incentive to come in. >> people have to have something to look forward to. >> reporter: so every day low prices aren't going to get you
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in the door. >> no. >> and she is not alone. while penney's revenue plummeted by 20%, macy's saw sales increase at its stores in the same mall. >> this is a mindset. >> reporter: the professor of retail explains while the everyday low price strategy may work for stores like grocery and home improvement, where you're less likely to shop around, today's turnout is proof people who shop at macy's and pennies, people go there for the sales. so if one store has a sale, the other needs something just as enticing like exclusive merchandise. >> got to have some unique product that the consumer says i really want this product. i'm not going to go buy something else which i don't care about because it's 40% off. this is what i want. >> reporter: and what's penney's is hoping customers will find when they come in for the one and only sale. clothing racks have been replaced with exclusive stores within the store. liz claiborne, arizona jeans appealing to younger shoppers. with its pods at checkout and
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an apple bar for genius jeans. question remains also this be enough to bring customers back once the sale signs are gone? >> thanks for shopping at j.c. penney. >> reporter: now, today j.c. penney's ceo says he does expect sales to increase by the one year mark which is february of this next year. as customers are retrained on how to think about a deal, keep in mind, this is the same man behind target's cheap chic makeover and the wildly successful apple store both ideas highly criticized and both took some time to catch on. >> yeah. but julie, there are those who says $430 million in losses for j.c. penney this year alone. he had to do something. >> reporter: well, you know, even analysts say they do think it will take some time for had to catch on. a lot of changes inside the store are similar to those he made at both target and apple. but it is going to take people to come inside and see them for themselves before they really see an impact. >> it's a matter of survival. julie watts, thanks. walnut creek is known for its upscale shops but this
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holiday season merchants who can't afford the price he rents are getting a chance to show off their wares. don knapp reports. >> reporter: walnut creek is encouraging a version of the idea the pop-up retailer gathering at the pop-up plaza. >> we're all hand made artisans and i would love thank you come by and take me home. >> reporter: it's busy all over walnut creek. the street version is a pop-up retailer and the injured to give promising entrepreneurs a leg up in a hot market. >> reporter: you probably won't find this puppy puppet at any of the high-end stores in downtown walnut creek it's only available in the new pop-up plaza. >> our deal with the city of walnut creek was to close the gap, financial. financial gap. so that's why they brought the pop-ups here. >> reporter: to close the budget gap while helping unique small businesses get a foothold downtown.
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>> this gives them a chance on a short-term basis a few weeks or a couple of months to try it out and not have to pay high rent and see how it works with the customers. >> reporter: so far, customers seem to like it. >> it allows people who have crafts to come out here and gives me something to look at. >> reporter: terry has been thinking about opening a store in walnut creek for her danville chocolate company. the pop-up plaza gives her a chance to try out the market. >> it's a lot quicker. we were able to put this up in about two days versus a store of several months because we do a kitful on kitchen. we cook and make all the chocolate in the store. that's about a six-month lead time. >> reporter: victoria cross also sees opportunities. >> definitely to make some money, definitely to get our name out there and who knows. you might see us down here on north main. >> reporter: with a store. >> with a store yeah. >> reporter: walnut creek expects to recover the $100,000 it spent building the kiosk in a year. with rents and other fees. >> we hope to get great opportunities for new businesses and revenue for the city as well as. >> reporter: well, the pop-up retailers have a very narrow window to make money to prove themselves. they are only down here until december 31. allen, liz?
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>> they are definitely appealing to the christmas shoppers, puppets, stocking stuffers. >> reporter: they are trying to shoot a little higher. that chocolate company is really doing a very nice job and that's their idea, not the regular stuff you see with street merchants but a better grade of material. >> sounds good. thank you, don. if you still plan to hit the stores tonight or if you are going to shop online on cyber monday, log on to our website, and find shopping tips and the best ways to save. tragedy that it's a family that has lost a loved one. >> a bride to be killed in a bay area crash. >> a rescue this afternoon in the san francisco bay. what the troubled yacht has in common with noah's ark. >> the opposite of that around here, we have nothing but sunshine. no rainfall on the radar, beautiful night looking live at the bay bridge. we'll talk about some rain chances moving back and whether
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or not that will impact your holiday weekend coming right up. ,, [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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officer. say that office tonight we're hearing from the cameraman who recorded this fight involving a santa cruz police officer. now, police say that the officer tried to arrest and assault the suspect yesterday when the brawl broke out. they punched and kicked each other in an empty restaurant parking lot. at one time the officer put the suspect in a head lock. the man who shot this video also says the suspect had a gun. >> he was looking for the kill. once i saw him have his hand on his gun, i got worried. and i wanted to run across the street right away and help him out was my first instinct. >> before he could jump in, the officer subdued the suspect with pepper spray and arrested him. police say suspects has a
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history of violence. we are told the officer is bruised but okay. it looked more like a crime scene than an accident with dozens of evidence markers out on highway 101 today. cbs 5 reporter liz liz tells us an out-of-control suv slammed into the back of a chp car on the side of the road. two women were rejected from the suv. one of them who was about to get married in january died. >> when we come to a scene like this it's a tragedy that it's a family that has lost a loved one and just giving thanks yesterday for everything that we have. >> reporter: a san bruno family in a deadly car crash just one day after thanksgiving. it happened just before 7:00 in the northbound lanes approaching oregon expressway and embarcadero. an officer pulled on the shoulder to assist a driver changing his tire. the officer was attempting to pull in front of the disabled vehicle when he was struck from behind by a packed suv filled with the family of six. >> patrol car was completely on the right-hand shoulder. fortunately the officer was in the vehicle with his seatbelt on. >> reporter: he suffered minor injuries.
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the lexus suv lost control. it flipped, lost a tire and ended up crunched by the off- ramp. >> the driver was a father, the front passenger was a mother and the other four passengers were their daughters. two of the daughters were ejected. >> reporter: you can see officers taking pictures. suv involved in the crash. what caused that driver to veer off the road in the first place is still under investigation. in palo alto, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> it's unknown if the sisters thrown from the car were wearing their seatbelts. all northbound lanes reopened six hours after the crash. in other bay area headlines a yacht excursion on the bay for seven people and their pets ended in this coast guard rescue. the boat started to take on water this afternoon near the berkeley pier. all the people as well as a dog, cat and snake were taken
6:15 pm
back to shore safely. >> a shootout at a san rafael nightclub sent two men to the hospital this morning. the fight inside club 101 and spilled into the parking lot. police arrested three men. the two men who were shot are expected to survive. two firefighters were hurt when a ceiling collapsed at a san jose apartment come election last night. one suffered a broken neck and concussion. the 16 year veteran is in the hospital in stable condition. two of the units in the building were destroyed. the cause is an accident. a rollover crash in san francisco's richmond district sent two people to the hospital. it flipped at 12th and geary this morning. work on the central subway project near san francisco's busiest tourist and shopping areas such as union square tailing a holiday hiatus. no construction on the $1.6
6:16 pm
billion project today. we're showing you previous footage of it. no work christmas and new year's day either. crowds will be able to better navigate the congested areas. the central subway expected to open in 2019. a lot of people hoping to hit those stores early today. and i'm sure it's going to be very busy for the rest of the holiday season. i can imagine. >> the weather couldn't be better. >> so many folks wanted to get into san francisco. this is the food of the bay bridge on the oakland side. paying cash? you will be late for the dinner reservation in the city. showers staying offshore. nothing close to the bay area when it comes to organized rainfall. november close to average. oakland about 13% above normal. dry in san jose at 80% of our average rainfall.
6:17 pm
we are going to be added that. but not for the next several days. you will be pleased with the weekend forecast. very active storm track but it's not coming here heading in western oregon and washington. that big ridge of high pressure that we have enjoyed the past couple of days not moving. the storm track will stay to the north. we get sunshine mainly sunny skies and highs in the 70s coming up on saturday and sunday. with that storm track it's only a matter of time before this high pressure moves and low pressure coming down from the gulf of alaska will shove the storm track into northern california. that transition will be next wednesday. so it's a while off. it's about four or five days off. once it happens, we are going to get wet and wet quickly. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it and you will have it coming up tomorrow. downtown san francisco so many great opposite is there to enjoy for your holiday shopping. 7 degrees above average. san jose 71. and livermore 71 degrees
6:18 pm
tomorrow. fairfield 71. napa 71. san rafael 69 degrees. 70 oakland. redwood city and mountain view. sunday nice mainly sunny skies, sunday any monday. cloudier on tuesday. that's a sign that things are changing. by wednesday, it's going to be raining for a while. enjoy the sunshine. enjoy the sunshine all weekend. that's your cbs 5 forecast. thank you. today black friday tomorrow small business saturday. how the bay area's mom and pop stores plan to lure shoppers through their doors. >> alabama ,,
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black friday has almost comd gone. so now, the focus will turn to small business saturday. a lin with how black friday has launch come and gone so now the focus is going to turn to small
6:21 pm
business saturday. da lin with how shop owners in berkeley are trying to entice people to their stores tomorrow. da. reporter: look how beautiful it is on fourth street in berkeley. you're not going to find a lot of big box stores or chain stores here. most of these are small independent stores. business owners hope small business saturday will attract a lot of shoppers tomorrow. the owners at these stores will be the first to admit they are not here to compete with big box stores and slash their prices to get shoppers in the door. they say small business saturday is about supporting the local independent stores and they in turn support the local economy and communities. >> if you love bookstores, if you love what's left of hardware stores, any kind of small store, you have to spend your dollars there. otherwise, we will go away. >> reporter: sure, american express will give their
6:22 pm
cardholders $25 for shopping at small businesses on saturday. and some stores will offer discounts and giveaways. but they say the biggest incentives for shoppers are unique gives you wouldn't find elsewhere and a better shopping experience. >> we have i think unparalleled service. we know what we're talking about. we know how to fit people into clothes and make them look good and make them feel good about themselves. >> more of a joyous move mood than a frenzy. >> reporter: shoppers come here to avoid chaos that they see in big box stores and believe these smaller stores offer higher quality products. >> small businesses there's more original gifts so it's easier to buy unique things for folks. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: and here's something you wouldn't find at the mall. a local band rocking out on a mini convertible. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: so no major discounts here you will find like 10, 20%, that's about it.
6:23 pm
but folks here say small business saturday and this may sound cliche, it's about main street and not wall street. the folks who do know about the event say they intend to come back and shop here tomorrow. live in berkeley, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> thank you. giants fans spent black friday lined up at at&t park today the world series champs putting single game tickets on sale for orange and black friday. fans waited in line and online it get seats for the first three months of the 2013 season. >> i'm buying 50 tickets a day. we can't wait. got to get the season started. it's like it was yesterday. >> if you didn't get a chance to get your tickets today, don't worry. the giants will sell tickets for april, may and june until december 24. coming up in the next half hour the cease-fire is holding. but it's fragile. the tense moment at the israeli- gaza border today.
6:24 pm
>> and now that california has more democrats than ever, tonight we ask, what's next for the republicans? >> i have kind of a heart i guess. >> yeah. a sheriff with a heart and a letter gets an inmate out of jail. why he released a northern california prisoner. ,, thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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the clashes - sparked by the egyptian president's move to grant himsel >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. now at 6:30, widespread protests in egypt. the clashes sparked by the egyptian president's move to grant himself sweeping powers. and just across the border, the cease-fire agreement between israel and gaza is holding despite a shooting incident on the border. and as cbs reporter tara mergener tells us, egypt's new president is getting praise for helping to broker the deal but his own people are not too happy about it. >> reporter: palestinians matched marched through the streets to bury a man shot on friday. chanting god is great and death to israel. he died when israeli troops opened fire on the gaza border. the israeli military says about 300 palestinians tried to breach the security fence at different points. so far, the incident hasn't compromised the two-day old cease-fire between israel and hamas.
6:28 pm
it was a come mer seen on gaza and egypt where two crossings were opened again. they closed when the fighting broke out. now palestinians can once again travel to egypt. egypt's president earned high praise from the u.s. for leading cease-fire negotiations. but now he is facing a backlash from his own people for trying to expand his powers. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the egyptian president's spokesman announced on television that the president and his parliament would be exempt from legal challenges until a new constitution is written. egyptians took to the streets in protest. police fired tear gas near cairo's tahrir square, the heart of the 2011 uprising that toppled hosni mubarak. now thousands of demonstrators are calling for morsi to step down. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. a natural gas explosion
6:29 pm
destroyed two buildings in one of new england's largest steams of the the blast sent bricks and glass flying through downtown springfield, massachusetts, about 90 miles west of boston. the blast was so loud, it was heard for miles around. >> i jumped. i could feel the garbage cans move next to me. i could hear the windows shaking. automatically -- i knew where it came from, from this part of the city. >> firefighters were investigating a gas leak about 40 minutes before the explosion. some of the injured include firefighters and utility workers, but authorities say there were no fatalities. well, a party train from southern california to las vegas is on the fast track to becoming reality. the las vegas railway express and union pacific railroad have agreed to start working on tracks for what they call the x train. it would make the roundtrip from fullerton in orange county to downtown las vegas using trains equipped with big screen tvs, recliners and two of
6:30 pm
these, they are calling them ultra lounges. crews hoping to have the new line up and running by new year's eve 2013. california lived up to its reputation as being the bluest of the blue states this year. it the state's congressional delegation is overwhelmingly democratic. and so is state government. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee shows us republicans are trying to figure out what they are doing wrong. grace. >> reporter: that's right, liz. california has been a blue state since the '90s. after this election though it is more democratic than ever picking up seats in congress as well as the state legislature. so does this mean it's the end of the road for republicans in this state? it depends on who you ask. >> this election whether it was in the state of california or for the nation was a little bit of a wake-up call for republicans. >> reporter: on the national front, californians voted in an additional five democrats to congress. that means 38 out of the 53 districts are dominated by democrats in the house. at the state level, both the
6:31 pm
senate and the assembly have a supermajority of democrats, that's two-thirds of the members. with both our senators staunch democrats and a democratic governor, where did the republicans go wrong? cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman believes their problem is they are alienating too many voters. >> if there is a big tent as george bush once said for the republican party, right know that tent has a sign on the outside door that says, if you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered black, hispanic, you're not welcome. >> reporter: the strategy in california has been less than successful recently this gop person says. >> the republican party has a challenge there. it's their fault. they haven't been outreaching as far as they should. we need a game plan. >> reporter: he says it is not over yet. from the state legislature to the president he believes democratic leadership will be
6:32 pm
the ones to help republicans rise again. >> the danger is for the democrats because every mistake they make will be on their doorstep blamed for whatever they do. there is no way they can say the republicans are at fault. i'm very optimistic about the future. after all, we're so far down, where else can we go? >> reporter: good attitude there. democrats are revelling in their victory here but republicans are dominating in southern and midwestern state legislatures. the states that are red are actually turning more red and after this election, 25 states have supermajorities and that could have a huge effect on issues like same-sex marriage, how much you pay in taxes, and how schools are funded. so we are seeing a big divide here, liz. >> thank you. an inmate serving five years in a northern california prison got a free pass for a few hours to attend his sister's wedding. cbs reporter ben sosenko asked the sheriff why. >> reporter: edward was supposed to be locked up at jail for five years.
6:33 pm
what allowed him to be let out for a couple of hours? it was a heartfelt letter written by his sister. nothing was going to keep edward from his sister's wedding not even time in the slammer. >> you know, i have kind of a heart, you know, i guess. >> reporter: calaveras county sheriff gary coons was touched when he read the letter explaining a wedding day promise. >> when her father died,er brother promised her to walk her down the aisle. >> reporter: not on easy promise to fulfill seeing his sister make life long vows in the middle of a five-year sentence on drug and gun conviction. >> i looked out and thought about it for a while and, you know, i figured, you know, what the heck. i'll allow that to happen. >> reporter: so pereria rsvps with a plus two. two armed guards escorting him to the wedding. >> she had strict rules that he couldn't indulge in alcohol. he couldn't -- he had to be in eye shot of the officers the
6:34 pm
whole time. >> reporter: this wasn't the first the sheriff allowed inmates out. two others were allowed to attend funerals but kuntz didn't have the authority. the law says unless it's an emergency the sheriff needs a court order. without one it's an inmate escape technically. >> i didn't have discretion. i thought i had. >> reporter: the story ends with another leather time from edward pereria thanking the sheriff for allowing him to fulfill his promise. >> and sheriff kuntz says he has reviewed his policies and from now on unless it's an emergency he won't let anyone out without a court order. in san andreas, ben sosenko, cbs 5. you couldn't escape black friday without a black eye. what all these shoppers are fighting for. >> how about this incredible gift? how one man is giving thanks for the past by investing in the future. ♪
6:35 pm
because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right.
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gadgets looks like. a crushf people grabbing for cell phs a walmart store a all right. you're going to shake your head. here's what the post- thanksgiving craving for gadgets looks like. this crush of people grabbing for cell phones at a walmart store as it opened at midnight. [ screaming and pushing ] >> the video posted this morning on youtube, not sure where it is. despite the screaming and pushing, the shoving, no reports of anybody getting hurt thank goodness. this is what it looks like as people clamor over bras and other such things at victoria's secret in oklahoma. hundreds rushed the store as it opens at midnight nearly trampling the employees. getting pepper sprayed not what one anxious shopper expected to happen. this is a mall in michigan right after it happened. mall security held down the troublemaker until the police got there. at least two people arrested for fighting inside the mall. he was penniless when he came to america for a better
6:38 pm
life after escaping nazi germany. and now the wealthy restaurateur wants to give back. sharon chin with the story of survival and his legacy. >> please join me to in weather. coming m rolf lewis. >> reporter: he is giving them the largest gift in history am. >> i was looking a place to put the hard-earned dollars over the years i have gathered. >> reporter: he is donating $8.5 million to transform meadowlands hall into a state- of-the-art science complex for nursing and occupational therapy a gift from a grateful harm. >> i'm returning to america what american has given to me. >> reporter: lewis was 15 when he says the gestapo threw his father into a concentration camp in 1938 for opposing hitler. months later a commander let the whole family escape.
6:39 pm
>> we were of course very, very depressed and very shall i say sad that the germany which we loved in a way had turned against us. >> reporter: the family of five fled to shanghai, china. they scraped by confined to a 16-block area after japan invaded china in world war ii. >> we carried suitcases, we did whatever we could just to make a living. >> reporter: after nearly a decade in china, lewis boarded a ship to the u.s. with a relative's help and heart of hope. he will never forget the wonder and welcome of the golden gate. >> here was america my new home and the future before me. >> reporter: he started with nothing but studied business at san francisco state university. he cooked up his own restaurant rolfs since 1960 near what would become ghirardelli square. he ran the restaurant for 26 years living the american dream. >> my heart today is so full of love and care and gratitude to
6:40 pm
america for having let me in the country in the first place and giving me the opportunity. >> reporter: when lewis considered bestowing a legacy gift his wife valerie a nurse suggested the nursing program at dominican where he is a trustee. he is expressing thanks for the past by investing in the future. >> it is for me to be grateful to america. >> reporter: sharon chin cbs 5. i'm don ford in san rafael. how did this decades old tradition continue when the city said we have no more money for it? i'll have that story coming up. >> we do have a lot of sunshine or had, past tense but it's going to come back tomorrow. taking a live look outside, we have clear skies on a friday night. find out when some rain is coming back actually a lot of rain. that's next. >> ahead we have a story that will have you rooting for one local athlete. and the 49ers any more insight as to what quarterback will start sunday versus the saints?
6:41 pm
what did jim harbaugh have to say today? tree t ,,,,,,,,,,
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fir to first lady michelle obama, and her daughters maa the white house got its christmas tree today a horse- drawn carriage delivering the 19-foot frazier fur to first lady michelle obama and her daughters. this year's tree is from north carolina. it will go into the blue room of the white house. well, the weather in the bay area this holiday weekend has been positively balmy. >> but in san rafael the kids are sledding and throwing snowballs while mom and dad are in it. shirts and sunglasses. don ford shows us this is part of a long-time holiday tradition and involves tons of snow. >> reporter: we're trying to get this open. steve is opening the latest snow slope in california. it's in downtown san rafael. 40 tons of snow delivered last night by glacier ice company's special snowmaking truck. now sculpted into a sled run hundreds of kids waiting for the noon opening and one lucky kid gets picked from the crowd.
6:45 pm
>> this is my kid. he gets to go first. >> reporter: maybe luck didn't have anything to do with it. but seconds later the crowd poured into this annual event. >> you have to start somewhere. this is like a little bunny slope for you. >> reporter: not all kids were thrilled. some had never seen snow before and for the first timers it was scary. for most, it was just glorious. san rafael coordinator brian says they have been doing this for a long time. >> the tradition we have been doing in san rafael for over 25, 30 years. >> reporter: last year looked like it might be the last year. san rafael city said funding to support the slope and the street fair that goes along with it was no longer available. local merchants got together pooled their resources and came up with a solution. bank of america along with target led the way says the b. of a. vice president. >> this was the time last year that we talked about the
6:46 pm
redevelopment agencies lost their funding and we started trying to see if we could get involved in a wonderful event and try to save it for the city of san rafael. >> reporter: so the only fight left now is in the snowball area. organizers say that this snow is a one-time event so when it's gone, it's gone. with the warm weather this weekend they say it will be gone by saturday. in san rafael, don ford cbs 5. >> what? it's over tomorrow? is it going to be that warm? >> now i want it to be cold. i thought there was going to be some replenishment. this is not good. >> you're going to be there early, i have a feeling. >> i have to get there early tomorrow before things melt because tomorrow will be the warmest day of the stretch. it's going to be a beautiful weekend to get outside. we'll be well above 32. the 580/680 interchange so many shoppers in the east bay right now. and santa rosa you hit a high of 70 today.
6:47 pm
good shopping weather. san francisco and oakland both hit 67. livermore 66. hayward and concord high of 65. i'm showing you the long-range outlook because it's so opposite of what we have right now. but all indications are we are going to be extremely wet by this time next week if not sooner. wetter than normal into early- morning department so enjoy the dry while we have it because it's not going to last forever. hi-def doppler showing a lack of any of rainfall or snowfall around here. speaking of snow, it is approaching wintertime and in other parts of the country, specifically minnesota, they have gotten another round of some heavy snowfall. not so much maybe in those pictures right there but we're told duluth, minnesota, anywhere from 4 to 5" of new snowfall and up to international falls 1 foot of new snow. for us, it will get chilly tonight but certainly not snow weather. san rafael 47. let's hope the cool night tonight will keep the snow around a little longer. napa down to 42. watch out for fog around santa rosa, 43. milder for san francisco, oakland and pacifica only dropping down to the low 50s.
6:48 pm
so lots of talk about in just one picture because this tells me two things. one the storm track is far away from us in washington and oregon far away from the bay area. but it does show me that the active pattern is there and as soon as high pressure moves out we are going to tap into some of that moisture. it's not going to happen for the next several days. if you love today's weather you will love the top of next week. high pressure not moving. the storm track hundreds of miles away. it will be a sunny mild holiday season with many of you into the 70s on saturday and sunday. high pressure begins to move out monday and tuesday. it is gone by wednesday. that means lower pressure moves in. the storm track sags to the south. we likely will be the bull's eye coming up wednesday through friday. some computer models are saying several inches of rain in the bay area by the end of next week. it's the long-range forecast but things can change but certainly looking much wetter starting wednesday. between now and then beautiful sunshine all the way through monday.
6:49 pm
tomorrow saturday third day of the holiday weekend near 70. san jose 71, oakland 70, san mateo 68, fremont, union city, hayward approaching 70. walnut creek that new pop-up shopping area right around 70 degrees with temperatures popping up above normal. pittsburg 70, dublin 69 degrees, sausalito 66, alameda 70. downtown san francisco 68 degrees on your saturday. sunday equally as sunny and mild. monday a couple of degrees cooler. here comes the cloud cover on tuesday. then we see some changes. wednesday through friday, well beyond that, actually loo soggy. four straight dry days followed by three days of rain. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
smith/colin kaepernick qb sy is not slowing down... did have a final concussiont today... ...cb donte whitner said this morning on a radio show, it will be k 49ers business, the alex smith/colin kaepernick quarterback story isn't slowing down. smith had a final concussion test today. cornerback donte whitner said it would be kaepernick. >> no. we feel like there's no competitive advantage for us to release this information. that's something we think is an
6:53 pm
advantage for us to talk about. you may have your opinions on it. it's an unorthodox, you know, so be it, you know, you can -- you can, uhm, call me names if you want or make sport of me. >> by the way the raiders are in cincinnati this weekend. college basketball stanford won in the bahamas. randy bennett, you and st. mary's are about to lose your first game against pacific. in anaheim, early second half, gaels go low post. brad waldo the tip-in. the gaels trailed by one. the tigers shot and one. gaels lose and fall 1-4. razorbacks and lsu. 2nd quarter watch the catch.
6:54 pm
jarvis landry one-handed. gave lsu a 10-0 lead. game would come to the final play. arkansas trailing by a touchdown. to the end zone, incomplete. lsu hangs on to win 20-13. all right. now, mike leach and watch this came back from 18 down versus washington to tie the game in this old apple cup title. huskies kicker travis couldn't nail the win in regulation. it went to overtime. in the extra period the cougars didn't disappoint. from 27 yards out, cougars win the apple cup in their first pac-12 game of the year, final 31-28. if you have been knocked down and gotten back up again in life, chances are you can relate to casey chu. then again, after what she's been through, maybe not. let's take you to san leandro.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: it's late afternoon. casey chu is losing daylight. she has so many more because to hit, so many to practice. trying to make up time she cannot get back. age 12, an normal growth in both feet -- abnormal growth in both feet. >> have to pull my feet to make an arch and put titanium clips and bone grafts in there. >> reporter: age 16, severe stole yoes sis. back surgery. >> they put two rods, two 15" rods in my back and then 10 screws going in at different angles and then they fuse it. >> reporter: a year later, abnormal growth of her jaw. >> they had to cut the upper and lower jaw, move them, and then once my teeth are all aligned and the jaws are aligned they put screws and
6:56 pm
plates all over in my face. >> reporter: surgery and rehab cost her 4 years. cost her junior golf tournament appearances, a feeding ground for college programs. now almost 18, the san leandro senior is trying to catch up. she was the number of one player on the team. conference player of the year. she holds the course record in san leandro. oh, and she already has two holes in one. >> that's good. >> one motivation is around her neck. a metal screw just like the 10 in her back. another is the belief that the dream of pro golf can be reality. >> i went to surgeries kind of felt hopeless but i knew i have a dream of being on the lpga
6:57 pm
right when the doctor says okay i'm going back out there. >> nice. >> kasey chew joins us live. for everybody, where are you taking your talents next? >> cal state east bay! >> getting a winner. >> got to root for stories like these. congratulations! you're an inspiration! >> thanks. captions by: caption colorado [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
6:58 pm
i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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